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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Gospel in the names: Adam to Noah‏

Adam is related to the Hebrew term Adama which means earth (ground, soil, dirt) specifically of red color since the Hebrew word for Red is Adom. Edom came from Esau which was called such since he was covered with hair and possibly red hair. So, Adam means taken from the red earth and possibly had a red tone to his skin. The meaning of the name Adam can also mean Red Man. The Hebrew word for blood is “dam” which is again red in color.

The name Eve is actually “Havah” which comes from the Hebrew word “Khay” which means living… and “Khay” means alive. So, to say “Jesus is Alive”, you would say “Yeshua khay”.

Their son Cain is more appropriately pronounced as “Khain” which means to get, acquire or to gain. Eve said (Gen 4:1) that she had “Khanad” a man through Yahweh. Cain’s little brother is “havel” and comes from the Hebrew word “haval” meaning to breathe out and means something vain or vanity or waste like a breathe which is expelled from your mouth and has very little weight. Perhaps they gave this name cause of what they were experiencing after their disconnect from the Creator… maybe they were realizing that after the fall, all they had was vanity, in vain… something in waste. Seth or Sheth in Hebrew which comes from the Hebrew word “Shethath” meaning to set, put, place or appoint. We read Gen 4:25. The entire sentence is seeming to be a conversation in Hebrew.

Next is Enosh in Hebrew “Anash” which means to be sick, ill or incurable.

Next is Kanan in Hebrew which is from the same root as Khain.

Next is Mahallel which means Praising El or Praising Elohim

Next is Jared or Yared which comes from the Hebrew word Yarad which actually means to go down or to descend. This has the same root as the name of the river Jordan which in Hebrew is called Yardin.

Next is Enoch in Hebrew “Khanoch” which comes from the Hebrew word “Khanach” which means to dedicate, consecrate, train or teach. The root is the same as the festival of “Khanukkah” which relates to the Macabees a couple of hundred years before Jesus Christ when they drove the Greeks out of Israel and they rededicated (“Khanack”) the altar.

Methuselah in Hebrew is “Methusalakh”. This is a contraction of 3 hebrew words which is Met meaning death or to die, then we have a one letter word “u” meaning “and” then the word “Shalakh” meaning to “Set”. In short it means “Death and Set”. Exactly one year after his death, the Noah’s flood was Set.

Next is Lamech in Hebrew “Lamach” meaning to hit or to strike.

Next is Noah in Hebrew “Noakh” meaning ‘Rest’ or ‘Comfort’. Why the name, we see in Gen 5:29.

Let’s string the names together and get the synonyms.
Adam – Man
Cain – Has acquired
Abel – Vanity, waste
Seth – Appointed
Enosh – Illness, stuck in mortality
But to His praise, God (Mehalleh), will descend to rededicate, to train man and to teach (Enoch) that through His death, he will send to the stricken and wounded (Lamech), comfort and rest (Noah).